Helping SME Business Owners Create Wealth

About You

You are a business owner with a prospering business. You have put the hard work to get your business off the ground, it's now successful and making profits.

What next?

Although you enjoy the day-to-day running of the business you do occasionally dream of an eventual "Capital Event" where you can sell up, make your millions and just sit on the beach relaxing after all your years of hard work. However, you know that selling your business could be hard, and you may only get 3x earnings, often on a deferred earn-out basis over several years. So, you carry on working in the business and dream that "one day I'll sell"

What if I told you that you could:

I'm working with Unity Group, a Private Equity firm with a successful new strategy called "Agglomeration". We're working with businesses that fit certain criteria ( see below) to help their owners achieve much greater wealth, profit, and business growth.

In a nutshell what we do is the following:

What happens after floating?

From there on – business as usual. You continue to stay on in the business and run it as you see fit. You can have as much or little involvement with the other businesses as you want.

However, you're now part of a much larger organization so can: Lean on a much larger balance sheet to get those larger contacts that were previously out of reach due to either not having enough turnover or market cap. Cross selling opportunities with the other SMEs in the group. Many other benefits

SME Owner Benefits

There are many, here are just a few...
Wealth Creation: You as the owner of the SME give up your private shares for publicly traded stock ( plus some cash – see below ). This allows you to then do something such as pay off the mortgage on your house. You can also later ( see below ) sell chunks of your shares to release more cash as and when you see fit. When it comes time to move on from the business and retire or start a new challenge, Unity Group and the other like-minded business owners can help find you a successor.

Has this been done before ? Yes and no – any SME that gets bought out by and merged into a larger business (think WPP / Ogilvy etc) effectively trades their private shares for public stock and cash. However what we're doing is new in that we are merging several SMEs together to float a completely new enterprise. Unity Group has done this already with The Marketing Group PLC.

Other Benefits

Criteria List for Agglomeration

Your business is:

Sectors :

  • Marketing
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Recruitment
  • Life Sciences
  • Fintech
  • Civil Engineering
  • Property Services

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